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A Shift Toward Spiritual Awakening

Have we lost touch with our spiritual nature?

Living in a world focused on technological breakthroughs shift us into reliance on science-based principles whereby self-growth and spirituality can often be pushed away. Being spiritual and living with spiritual intentions based in a world whereby we are engaged with instant gratification forces a fast-paced viewpoint. 

Without emotional gratification within a short period, our awareness shifts to the next best thing. The issue with instant gratification is that it hinders us from searching for the bigger picture. 

Have you ever dwelled down the path of search results online, realising only an hour later that you have not engaged with anything? We skip from page to page, video to video, losing a solid hour of consciousness. Technology is outgrowing and replacing spirituality. 

What is spirituality?

Technology and spirituality will eventually balance themselves, but it will take some time for humanity to realise that technology cannot mimic what it is to be human. Being human and living within an exploration of identity makes us really who we are. So why do we come into this world and experience beautiful moments and tragic experiences? Being human is not about the good or bad times but about living through life’s journey. We all function so uniquely with our own life stories. Some stories outway others; we form our life stories with life experience. Our life story is then passed down to our family, friends and the broader community we engage with. These events engrain into our souls, and as we learn from one another, our stories merge into the chronicles of life. 

No life is dull or insignificant; we are all on our unique journey. We all have our parts to play, and what makes life worth living is hanging onto the good. Therefore, we must stay genuine and authentic in our actions. 

A shift toward spiritual awakening

How do we survive when we have lost touch with who we are?

Being true to ourselves is often difficult; it is so easy to hide behind a mask, but it is imperative to stay true to ourselves. It takes courage to raise the sword and be vulnerable, embracing where we have stepped and the path we have walked. Few of us ever do this, igniting our inner flame. This flame, this deep fire and yearning to be who we are, not judged by others but embracing who we are, must be unleashed. 

If humanity is going to step in the right direction, we must stand up for what is right and what we believe in. Principles must be planted in the soil, and our egos must be set aside. 

To honestly know yourself is to listen to your heart’s innermost calling, live in the moment, and speak your truth. Don’t tell others what they want to hear out of courtesy; be honest without being harmful. Go against the grain in life, create beauty, show kindness, and be the master of your own destiny. These principles are what the world lacks. Allow your inner flame to ignite a spark in your fellow humans. One person’s kindness goes a long way in another’s grief. Being in touch with ourselves is being in touch with our “true north.” What excites us and makes us feel most alive is our true calling. Follow your heart, listen to your inner beat, and play the unique song of your being. 

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