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Oneness Meditation


What is Oneness

In simple terms, oneness meditation is the practice of letting go of what does not serve us. When we hold onto emotional and mental pain, we become guarded and If left unresolved, resistance to life sets in.

Through oneness meditation, or the Ubunye Method, the guided meditation journey will take you to a space of self-alignment and empowerment.


How does it work?

Ubunye Method Meditation
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Our Techniques

Through over 20 years of meditation practice and energy healing, we built the Ubunye Method. Our techniques vary from affirmation work, self-love and unity practices to advanced manifestation and opening towards the higher self.

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Our Vision

The Ubunye Method was inspired by a deep yearning to heal the world. Through our guided meditations, we help people form a strong connection with themselves on a deep spiritual level. By helping people align themselves on a conscious level, we hope to make the world a little brighter.

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Why use the
Ubunye Method

The Ubunye method is specifically designed to help people overcome deep conscious limitations within their lives. If it is anxiety, stress, the feeling of not being on the right path, or emptiness, the Ubunye Method specialises in upliftment and realignment. 

Not only does the Ubunye Method focus on healing, but it is also a tool to access the deeper parts of our mind and spiritual nature. If you are someone who feels lack in these aspects, the Ubunye Method is the perfect starting point for you.


The Ubunye Method

The Ubunye Method focuses on conscious development within four areas. The mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.


The mental body encompasses our mind and thoughts. It is connected to the conscious mind and the subconscious. The Ubunye Method works with the mental body through awareness exercises and affirmations. If you want a strong mental body, you have to train it.

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The emotional body is connected to our emotions and our hearts. On an emotional level, we protect ourselves from being hurt. With the Ubunye Method, we dive into our hearts and reconnect with our true selves.



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The physical body is our conscious connection with our body. In the Ubunye Method we dive into becoming aware of the subtle energies of our body. With energy work and consciously connecting to the different parts of our body, we can release trauma and heal.

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The spiritual body is our conscious connection to the divine. The Ubunye Method uses guided meditation exercises to awaken past the five senses towards a spiritual connection, or sixth sense, or awareness.


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